Pine Ranch
We are committed to the future in livestock care
Pine Ranch Products,L.L.C. Is
Committed to the future with  
producing the All Season
Livestock Watering tanks, with
years of experience.

No  electricity needed!
with a simple to install adapter,
the BT Sun Tank can also keep
the water cool and algae free in
summer temperatures.
These units are very durable and
will last you a lifetime of no
worries, of how your livestock will
get their water.
25 Gallon unit guaranteed to -25 F -31.7 C        
42 gallon unit is guaranteed to -50 F -45.6 C
during winter conditions with wind chill factor
Fill with a hose or have a direct water line
attached with auto valve, units can be
manually filled until hooked up to a water line.
25 Gallon BT Suntank                  
All Season  water Tank     
 42 Gallon BT Suntank                 
All Season  Water Tank          
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BT Suntank
We are approved through the
NRCS/USDA for grants. They will
pay up to 50% of the BT Suntank &
50% of the  water line & Pad
Call your  Local representative
for  more information & learn
how to get grants from the  
NRCS/USDA or  the Canadian
Government for the  BT Suntank
or you can go to and learn
more about grants for your area.
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Underground Waterline Connections and Base set up for all 42,25 gallon Auto fill BT Waterer's.
Schedule 40 PVC Pipe must go minimum of 3 feet below earth's frost line. Which would  be total of 6 feet
In extreme colder states where frost line goes deeper, you must add a foot to the length for every extra foot of frost line below 3 feet.
Warning:Livestock can step into raiser pipe hole during installation. Do not
leave unattended, cover opening until installation is  completed.
Cement pad ready for
installation of the auto
valve BT
..Cement pad is
not required for manual
fill Bt Suntanks
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25 Gallon Solar Energy  Freeze Free
BT Suntank
42 Gallon Solar Energy Freeze Free
BT Suntank
All Pine Ranch Products,L.L.C. are to be solely used for the intended purposes only
Call Blue stakes before digging, and follow all safety laws &  regulations before installation.
Nominated and finalist in the Colorado
Solar Energy Industries Association.
Awards and Nominations for Awards.
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Award Nomination
and Finalist.
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All Season Livestock Water Tanks
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