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Thank you for the 3 new BT Suntanks you sent us with a total of 5 BT Suntanks, the
other 2 we have had for 3 years. We love them!    Alberta, Canada
We bought our BT Suntank in 2010, & it works great!  The horses love warmer water in
the winter and cool and algae free water in the summer.  Our two horses and one colt
are drinking from a wonderful and dependable product.   It's Great!     Natalie, Utah
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They keep the water from freezing in
Minnesota's brutal winter, but also keeps
the water cool in the summer.  I don't know
why anyone would use anything else!
Thank you!!
Susan, Minnesota
Bella after she got a long cool drink in
the summer.
Susan, Minnesota
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I am sending you a picture of my husbands yearling filly drinking out
of our BT Suntank.  This is our third winter using it.  I absolutely love
it!  The temps when this picture was taken were only in the single
digits during the day.   They also sent me a white summer float.  Not
only is this tank amazing for winter use, but also summer use.  I put
the provided cover over the solar panel in the summer, switch to the
summer float, and the water is kept cooler and cleaner.  I used to
have to clean our old trough once a week because of algae and
mosquito and fly larva,with the BT Suntank, I clean it, maybe twice a
year. That's all!  No algae and no larva anymore!  The BT Suntank
is the best investment I could have made.  It has paid for itself in
terms of savings on electricity, but also in terms of peace of mind.  I
used to have trouble with shorts in the electric heater we used.  I
wouldn't know until I either noticed the horses standing by the
trough, but not drinking, or when the water froze over.  I hated the
thought that the horses could be shocked when getting a drink.  
Love my Suntank!
Scott & Krista, Michigan
Cement pad on the 25 gallon BT Suntank Auto fill unit.