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year 2010
Horse Journal's
These six water line pictures show how to bring your waterline up on the 42 and
25 gallon auto fill only (Not Manual Fill) BT Suntanks. The pipe should be flush with
the top of a cement pad,insulated wood base or build up of ground, The pipe
should be flush with the top of the cement pad.
This method keeps your water line from freezing during  cold winters
Keeps water cool in the summer
Works well for Miniature Horses & Ponies.
Panel  for cattle as shown in pictures below.
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Schedule 40 PVC Pipe must go minimum of 3 feet below earth's frost line. Which would  be total of 6 feet
Some states and/or Canadian providences  require longer heat tubes for deeper frost lines.
insulation double
layered stops at
frost line
42 gallon BT Suntank uses a 6" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe   25 gallon BT Suntank uses a 8" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe
,minimum 6' Long for deeper frost line see instruction above.
insulation to
frost line.
Cement pad ready for installation of the
auto valve BT Suntank
..Cement pad is
not required for manual fill Bt Suntanks
Instruction on how to install under ground water line for auto
valve systems only (Auto Valve systems can be fill manually
until you hook up to water line. )
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