"I used the 42 gallon BT suntank
for 18 years with temperatures
down to 50 below.  It's built to last!
The best waterer I ever used!  
There is always water for
livestock instead of ice.  Using it
year around, it keeps water cool
in the summertime, and stays
clean with no algae.   Electric or
fuel bills!  I used a 25 gallon
trough last winter and it works as
great as the big one!"  
~ Arnell G.,
All Season BT Suntanks     
Dear Pine Ranch Products,L.L.C.,
"I purchased a 42 gallon BT suntank unit for
my horse to use. It supplies as much water as
she needs to keep her healthy and colic free.  
The Sun tanks gave me peace of mind all
winter, especially on stormy cold nights,  
keeping water available 24 hours a day.  Now
all my friends with horses want one!"
~ Edie W.,
"Thought I would let you know how we have been. We had
a cold snap for the last week, almost -40 Celsius with the
wind chill and the water just doesn't freeze.
I am so happy and so are the horses!
Thanks so much,  you have designed an amazing thing
and I know it will catch on.  I wish you all the best!"      
~Angie C.
"I wish to thank you for making my life easier. Since the
purchase of 8 BT Sun Tanks in Sept, 2000, keeping horses
watered is a snap!

I especially like:

1: Solid Construction.
2. Ease of filling.
3. I have winter temperatures under -20 degrees F. The water
has not frozen.  Always available for horses to drink.
4. Easy to clean.  As I operate a horse motel, many different
horses come and go.  I put 1/4 cup of bleach in a full tank ...
Leave it 24 hours or less ... Drain ... Flush.  The tank is clean for
another horse.
5. Overnight horses have had no difficulties drinking the first
time from the tank.
6. My tanks are one of the best investments I have made!"  
~Kathryn K.,
Lander, WY
They were patient with me and answering all my questions
about BT SUN TANKS.  It has exceeded my expectations.  
This year, was the snowiest winter in decades!  It was a
huge comfort for me to know that my 2 horses had water
available 24/7!.
It was very easy to train them to drink from it and we never
experienced any freezing problems.                                          
We had nights that were -20 to - 30 below with gusting
I have been telling everyone about your product."
~ Michelle Z,  
New England
Dear Pine Ranch Products,
Every now and then, although rare, you come across a company like
Pine Ranch and immediately experience superior customer service,
outstanding technical expertise and a sense of compassion in
providing support to our non-profit organization.
We spent considerable time trying to locate a company that made a
non-electric, non-freeze stock waterer.  We contacted feed stores,
advertisers in local agricultural newspaper, and national magazines
such as Mother Earth News.
Companies that made what we needed across the US and Canada
would not return calls and couldn't be bothered.  We then pursued the
Internet and found a versatility of their product and prices.
We purchased the 42 gallon BT Suntank unit and our worries are over.  
It works just as it was promoted during long stretches of below
freezing temperatures. What a blessing since our animals are entirely
dependent on it for their survival.
Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Pine Ranch Products
to anyone in need of this product from such a committed and caring
~Ralph T.  Precious Life Animal Sanctuary
Sequin, WA

I just wanted to say that this water trough is the best!  
I have had it for 3 years in North Eastern
Massachusetts and it has never frozen over.  
Someone at the barn where I board my horses was so
impressed, she  bought 3 tanks.
I'm hoping you come out with a smaller version for
goats/sheep and birds....chickens, quail etc.  

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
Marilyn K.  
Pine Ranch Products,L.L.C
PO. Box 281
Santa Clara,Utah 84765
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As seen in August 2010  Horse Journal Magazine
One of  Horse Journal magazine top 10 Items of
Mother Earth News , Horse Illustrated, Hobby Farm, Horse &
Rider magazines and
Living the Country Life Magazine
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I'm attaching some pictures of our horses drinking out of
our BT Suntank. You'll see that they line up to drink out of
it.  They love it!  We don't know how we ever managed
winter watering without it.  No matter how cold, snowy or
ice covered everything gets, the horses always have
fresh water available to them and having ours using the
auto-fill capabilities, we are never out in the sub zero cold
dealing with frozen hoses and getting ourselves wet.  The
tank keeps itself filled at all times.  We also appreciate the
fact that in the summer months they can get a cool
refreshing drink of water that isn't muddy, cloudy or hot.  
Thank you so much for such a fabulous product.  We
recommend it without reservation.       
WE have had our
units for 8 years!, they are still in use.
Jim & Andi L.
Kansas City, MO
The Bob Trough from  Pine Ranch Products,L.L.C. Taps into
the sun's power, requiring no electricity or fuel to operate.
You can  fill with a garden hose from the top or attach an
underground water line. Comes in 25-gallon and 42-gallon
sizes.  The 42 gallon unit has been in use since 1987, the
25-gallon model was introduced in 2002, both units have been
sold and used in 48 states, and  all  lower Providences in
Canada.  The 42 gallon unit is guaranteed to -50F. with wind
chill factor.  The 25 gallon unit is guaranteed to -20F. with
wind chill factor.
As seen in August 2010  Horse Journal
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Pine Ranch Customers have been going  green with energy, and have saved
just purchased another Sun Tank.
I wish more products in this world
my husband wishes I had fewer
horses :-)
Sun Tank.
Thanks Again!
Pine Ranch Products,L.L.C.