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No costly fuel bills ... Uses FREE SOLAR
Face the solar collector south towards the Sun.

* SAVES time and money, so it pays for
itself faster
*Good for rented stables (Portable)
* Shatter proof solar powered collector

* Will NOT freeze even when livestock, don't
drink. Easy accessible water for Livestock, even
in ice and snow conditions.

*No minimum number of livestock

* Keeps water cool and algae free in summer.  
Closed system helps stop West Nile Virus,other
diseases and bird droppings .

The 42 Gallon & 25 gallon BT Sun Tank, is very
versatile as you can fill with a garden hose or have
a direct line attached with auto fill and shut off float
to keep full.
also all auto valve units can be manually filled until
hooked up to a water line.
Guaranteed to -50 degrees below zero --
during winter conditions with wind chill
factor included.
Even after a Heavy Snow Storm, being
pushed down into the drinking bucket of
the BT Sun tank, into the warm water  
has melted the snow on one side of the
insulated  float , as livestock would
push for access to drink.
Drinking Bucket
Order the
BT Suntank 25 gallon unit
manual fIll or  Auto valve/manual fill
Horse waterer's
BT Suntank 42 Gallon Unit
Dairy Cow waterer's
Dairy Farm Application
42 Gallon BT Suntank
Fresh clean water year around.
To allow sunshine through, and
protect solar collector from
livestock, a wire fence may be
needed mostly for cattle.
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