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* SAVES time and money, so it pays for itself
*Good for rented stables (Portable)
* Shatter proof solar powered collector

* Will NOT freeze even when livestock, don't drink.
Easy accessible water for Livestock, even in ice and
snow conditions.

*No minimum number of livestock

* Keeps water cool and algae free in summer.  Closed
system helps stop West Nile Virus,other diseases and
bird droppings .

The 42 Gallon & 25 gallon BT Sun Tank, is very versatile as
you can fill with a garden hose or have a direct line
attached with auto fill and shut off float to keep full.
also all auto valve units can be manually filled until
hooked up to a water line.
Guaranteed to -50 degrees below zero --
during winter conditions with wind chill
factor included.
Even after a Heavy Snow Storm,
being insulated  float , as livestock
would push for access to drink.
Drinking Bucket
Order the
manual fIll or  Auto valve/manual fill
Horse waterer's
BT Suntank 42 Gallon Unit
Dairy Farm Application
42 Gallon BT Suntank
protect solar collector from
livestock, a wire fence may be
needed mostly for cattle.
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